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Journal on Mathematics Education
(Accredited “B” by KEMRISTEKDIKTI No. 1/E/KPT/2015)


January 2017, Volume 8 Number 1, ISSN 2087-8885, e-ISSN 2407-0610


Ethnomathematics in Perspective of Sundanese Culture

by Atje Setiawan Abdullah

Using Bayesian Networks to Understand Relationships among Math Anxiety, Genders, Personality Types, and Study Habits at A University in Jordan

by Linda Smail

Justification for The Subject of Congruence and Similarity in The Context of Daily Life and Conceptual Knowledge

by Sefa Dündar, Nazan Güdüz

Metaphorical Thinking Learning and Junior High School Teachers’ Mathematical Questioning Ability

by Heris Hendriana, Euis Eti Rohaeti, Wahyu Hidayat

Investigation of Contingency Patterns of Teachers’ Scaffolding in Teaching and Learning Mathematics

by Anwar, Ipung Yuwono, Edy Bambang Irawan, Abdur Rahman As’ari

Improving Mathematics Achievement of Indonesian 5th Grade Students through Guided Discovery Learning

by Yurniwati, Latipa Hanum

Improving Mathematical Problem-Solving Ability and Self-Confidence of High School Students through Contextual Learning Model

by Edy Surya, Feria Andriana Putri, Mukhtar

Design Study: Integer Subtraction Operation Teaching Learning using Multimedia in Primary School

by Rendi Muhammad Aris, Ratu Ilma Indra Putri, Ely Susanti

The Implementation of Open-Inquiry Approach to Improve Students’ Learning Activities, Responses, and Mathematical Creative Thinking Skills

by Kadir, Lucyana, Gusni Satriawati


Journal on Mathematics Education

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