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Indonesian Mathematical Society Journal on Mathematics Education (IndoMS-JME) or Majalah Ilmiah Himpunan Matematika Indonesia (MIHMI) untuk Pendidikan Matematika

Welcome to IndoMS-JME (ISSN 2087-8885) website.  IndoMS-JME stands for Indonesian Mathematical Society Journal on Mathematics Education.  This journal is designed and devoted to Indonesian Mathematics Society (IndoMS) members especially mathematics school teachers, teacher educators, university students (S1, S2, and S3) who want to publish their research reports or their literature review articles about mathematics education and its instructional.  Start from this year (July 2010), this journal will be published two times a year, in July and January.  Besides regular writers, for each volume the contents will be contributed by invited contributors who experts in mathematics education either from Indonesia or abroad. See the guidelines for more detail.

IndoMS-JME was launched in Manado

IndoMS-JME was launched in the opening of the Fifteenth of National Conference on Mathematics (KNM15) in University of Manado, Manado, North Sulawesi, on 31st July 2010. President IndoMS, Prof. Widodo, said that this journal is started in order to facilitate not only the members of IndoMS but also all mathematics teachers/teacher educators in publishing their research reports related to the mathematics education.

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